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November 12, 2010
Bill Shapard

Tulsa World: Tax-cut extensions supported

By Randy Krehbiel, Tulsa World

Slightly more than half of Oklahomans polled favor continuing all of the Bush-era tax cuts.

About half of Oklahomans support extending the so-called Bush tax cuts, at least temporarily, to all income brackets, the most recent Oklahoma Poll shows.

A little more than 50 percent of those surveyed Oct. 18-23 said the cuts should be extended for all, with one-third saying they should be extended only for those making less than $250,000 a year.

Eleven percent said all of the cuts should be allowed to expire.

Oklahomans were less sure about making the cuts permanent. Thirty-eight percent said all cuts should be made permanent; 20 percent said only cuts to the lower brackets should be made permanent; and 34 percent said none of the cuts should be made permanent.

Bill Shapard, whose firm SoonerPoll.com conducted the survey, said the results indicate Oklahomans buy into trickle-down economics - the theory that tax cuts for the top income brackets result in benefits for lower-income households.

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Bill Shapard
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