Jury Selection

The world of litigation can involve vast and complex research. SoonerPoll can help in jury selection for litigation cases or jury strategy companies.

Jury selection can often be difficult to conduct alone, without research, because jurors use their experience and feelings in this process while lawyers and judges use their legal training.  What underlying schema does a juror use in their decision making process?  What biases might a juror bring to a case?  Who is this juror really?  Who is the best juror for this case?  What is the best geographical location to try this case?  These are all questions that SoonerPoll can answer for you!

SoonerPoll can offer on-site kiosks, Internet based surveying, an in-sourced call center and an automated phone surveying tool to collect quantitative research as well as focus groups to provide qualitative research.

In Spring of 2005, SoonerPoll performed research that included live phone surveys and focus groups for Jury Strategies, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based full service jury consulting firm that served Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.  Jury Strategies has now evolved into Trial Behavior Consulting headquartered in Minneapolis.

For more information on the methodology used and the results for the Jury Strategies study, please contact us at +1 (405) 607-4664 or email SoonerPoll President, Bill Shapard, at bill@soonerpoll.com.

For more information on the research services SoonerPoll offers to the Oklahoma legal community, click here.