On-site Polling Kiosks

Using touch-screen polling, SoonerPoll takes your poll directly to its market. Known as Intercept research, this approach is unique in its ability to capture the opinions of hard-to-reach audiences.

The days of conducting intercept polls with a pencil and a clipboard are long since past.

Used on its own or in conjunction with more traditional research methods, touch-screen polling can be a time-saving and cost-effective method for gauging the opinions and preferences of your study’s target group. It’s a service few pollsters can provide, making it just one more reason to let the experts at SoonerPoll manage your organization’s Oklahoma research project.

Beyond automated touch-tone call surveys, live call surveys, web surveys, direct mail surveys and focus groups, SoonerPoll also uses kiosk surveys.

These kiosks offer the most quality research for several reasons.  First, the respondent answers the questions of the instrument without any bias sometimes offered by a live survey conductor.

Furthermore, the information and opinions that these respondents offer are significantly more accurate because the study can take place within the environment being questioned. If a researcher wants to know what customers think about a service offered at a brick and mortar, for example, why not ask them while the customer is face to face with the product in question? This methodology retrieves the feelings and ideas of a group when these thoughts are fresh on their mind.

Finally, the kiosks offer more ‘bang for your buck’ because they encourage the highest participation levels of any other method. The ability to read the question yourself and answer using a touch-sensitive screen makes the process much quicker and shorter in time. A survey conducted by phone, for example, can take three times longer for the respondent to complete than if the same survey was conducted by kiosk.

This means that either a.) a quota sample size can be reached in one third the time or, b.) a more accurate sample can be surveyed by questioning three times as many people in the same amount of time.

These kiosks are small and sleek in size. They offer innovative technology unmatched by the competition. ‘Unmatched’ may be an inappropriate adjective because the reality is that there is NO competition in kiosk research!

To learn more about an on-site kiosk study conducted for Crossings Community Church, visit Research Solutions.

Touch-screen polling is…

  • Private. Participants respond confidentially, so even members of hard-to-reach groups are willing to answer probing questions. No names are used, so there’s every reason to relax and be candid which increases participation.
  • Interactive. When a participant enters an answer to a question, that answer could determine the next question or set of questions.
  • Targeted. We’re on hand throughout the poll to encourage successful participation by individuals who meet the criteria of the target audience.
  • Easy. Perhaps the best feature of a SoonerPoll on-site kiosk is the fact that its ease of use encourages maximum participation from your target group.

Intercept studies target a very specific sector of the population that might otherwise be difficult to isolate.

Are you looking for information from basketball fans? We can set up a kiosk outside the Chesapeake Arena on game night.

What about a study of the opinions of your worship center’s congregation? We’ll be waiting for them when church lets out on Sunday.

Does your organization need information on Christmas shopping trends? A SoonerPoll on-site kiosk can seek out shoppers in their natural habitat – a metro mall on the day after Thanksgiving.

The applications for an on-site kiosk are as endless as the interests, preferences and habits of the people of Oklahoma.

The mobility of SoonerPoll’s on-site kiosks makes them uniquely suited to target the people your study aims to reach. By taking the poll to the people, the use of an on-site kiosk eliminates the time and cost involved in isolating the names and phone numbers of your study’s target population.