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What message will resound most clearly with jurors?

Understanding the values and predispositions of the people who will decide your case is crucial during every phase of a trial. From initial jury selection throughout a trial’s duration, our research can provide insights into jurors’ attitudes, perceptions and opinions that you can use to direct a winning legal strategy for your client.

Our researchers utilize tools such as public opinion polling, adversarial focus groups and mock trials to determine how a jury will respond to your case. The results of our studies will aid your team in developing the approach your jurors will find most credible and persuasive – and thus most likely to result in success for your client.

Adversarial Focus Groups and Mock Trials

SoonerPoll carefully selects a sample of mock jurors that closely matches the demographics of the actual jury. In an adversarial focus group, your attorneys present both sides of the case. Jurors consider both arguments, giving you the opportunity to observe how each argument is received and discover which message is the most persuasive. Mock trials take the study further, utilizing a judge and witnesses to more comprehensively measure how trial dynamics are perceived by jurors.

Community Profiling

What does the jury pool know about the issues surrounding your case? What issues don’t they understand? What preconceived notions do they have? SoonerPoll can survey the attitudes within the community where your trial is to take place, identifying possible bias and further equipping you with an understanding of how community attitudes will affect your case – and how you can utilize them to your client’s advantage.

By providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the perceptions, opinions and general understanding within the community regarding your case, a SoonerPoll community attitude study can eliminate the speculation during jury selection. The study can also aid in determining whether your case merits a change of venue.

Damages Focus Groups

The damages phase is often the most volatile stage of a trial. Even the most confident jurors can become indecisive when determining damages. A SoonerPoll damages study recruits a sample of mock jurors that closely matches the demographics of the actual jury.

After they have heard both your arguments and your opponent’s, an experienced SoonerPoll facilitator will lead them in a focus group study. Through the focus group session, their attitudes toward the damages assessment will be revealed. Your legal team will have the opportunity to study the process by which jurors deliberate the damages assessment and justify their conclusions.