August 30, 2010
Bill Shapard

Poll: Most Tulsans happy with trash service

Tulsans are happy with their trash service, but they don't want to pay more for it, a new poll shows.

The Mayor's Task Force on Refuse and Recycling commissioned SoonerPoll.com to conduct the survey to help determine the future of the city's trash and recycling collection, as all of the service contracts are set to expire in June 2012.

Ninety-four percent of Tulsans are somewhat satisfied to extremely satisfied with their trash service, according to the poll.

It doesn't matter whether they are in the small portion of the city that has once-a-week collection, which has a 94.9 percent satisfaction rate, or the rest that has twice-a-week pickup, which has a 93.5 percent satisfaction rate.

"The satisfaction level is overwhelming," said SoonerPoll.com CEO Bill Shapard. "They are so satisfied that they don't want it to change."

However, 59 percent of respondents indicated they are unwilling to pay more for their current level of trash and recycling services.

Twice-a-week customers pay $13.44 per month, while once-a-week customers pay $10.52 per month. People who subscribe to the voluntary recycling program are charged $2 per month.

Each of these services is subsidized more than $1 per month per participating household by the city.

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Bill Shapard
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