It is an issue that is on the rise among U.S. businesses – how to attract and keep the best employees in the face of an aging workforce. As more and more workers from the baby boomer generation retire, competition intensifies among employers for top candidates from a dwindling pool of entry-level workers.

Finding and keeping top employees is a challenge.

Today, there are too few 18 to 24 year-olds to fill the entry-level positions currently available. As baby boomers continue to leave the workforce over the next 20 years, this challenge will only become greater.

The struggle does not end once a sought-after worker is added to your company’s employee roster. Other companies may tempt your top employees away with enticements such as better pay, better benefits or greater job satisfaction.

Turnover is costly. We can help you keep it to a minimum.

The costs associated with hiring and training a new worker to fill a vacated position can be between 40% and 100% of an employee’s salary. Lost productivity, recruiting and training costs, reduced efficiency during transition and time all contribute to the expense of employee turnover.

Compare the costs of turnover to those of a survey that can give you functional, effective tools you can use to increase retention. It is an opportunity companies can ill afford to ignore.

Clearly, minimizing vacant positions is an important goal for any employer. At SoonerPoll, we can develop an effective retention tool that fits your company’s needs, thus furthering your efforts to become a leader among your peers in attracting and retaining the top workers in your industry.

Why an employee survey?

In both large and small companies, evidence indicates that the simple act of seeking feedback from workers – about benefits, working conditions or job satisfaction in general – has a direct and positive effect upon employee morale. That feedback can help you understand how to become a more competitive employer.

When it comes to surveying employees, anonymity is key. Candid feedback depends upon workers’ confidence that they may safely express even their most negative opinions without fear of reprisal. Also, workers are more likely to be candid when talking with an outside party who has no personal investment in that company’s workplace issues.

SoonerPoll can make it happen.

Our experts know how to communicate with your workers. A SoonerPoll employee survey will accomplish two vital goals for your company. First, the act of conducting the survey will increase each employee’s sense of value within the company. Second, the results of the survey will provide facts you can use to cultivate a more positive environment for your workers. Ultimately, you will be better equipped to provide a level of job satisfaction that will entice the best employees to make your company their permanent professional home.