Polling Services for Non-profit Groups

Nonprofit groups measure their success in changes made for the better. But like any business, they still have a budget and a bottom line. Whether your organization’s goal is to build membership, raise donations or increase public awareness, SoonerPoll is ready to help you determine the most effective way to make that goal a reality.

Building awareness of your issue, one Oklahoman at a time.

Changing the world begins with changing people’s minds. SoonerPoll is ready to help your advocacy group strengthen awareness and support among Oklahomans for the issues you represent. We are unique among our competitors in that we use our own in-house calling center, staffed with professional Oklahomans chosen, trained and supervised by us. We also provide a broader array of services than most pollsters, enabling our experts to determine the most accurate, cost-effective way to structure our research to your organization’s greatest benefit. Our surveys can target:

  • Your organization’s membership
  • A special category of Oklahomans such as seniors, students, women or baby boomers
  • The Oklahoma population at large

How well does the public understand your issues?

Our experts can provide your organization with valuable information about the public’s knowledge and opinions about the issues you represent. Through SoonerPoll’s proven, effective methods, you’ll have a unique opportunity to test your message and identify the persuasive strategies that most effectively get your point across to Oklahomans.

Your message, made loud and clear to Oklahomans.

If you have a message you want Oklahomans to hear, SoonerPoll is the pollster that can help you determine how to craft that message to maximum effect.  You’ll advance your organization’s interests by becoming closer to the Oklahomans who already support your cause, and by successfully reaching a new audience of Oklahomans who want to support what you do.

Don’t just take our word for it…