Media Research for a New Millennium

Media in the 21st century is a different universe than it was just a short time ago. Local newspapers and television stations must contend with an explosive proliferation of competitors online, in print, on cable and through satellite services. This trend shows no sign of abating, and the attention of media consumers becomes more diluted with every passing year.

Who will be left standing?

In world where consumers are inundated with news and entertainment almost from the moment they rise each morning, the media outlets that survive will be those who can identify and deliver the relevant, original content that’s in highest demand among media consumers.

Timely, original and exclusively yours.

Whether it’s a political poll or a public opinion survey, data from a SoonerPoll study provides the content that’s in highest demand from media consumers. Stories built around a timely poll can increase readership or viewership by:

  • Providing facts about relevant issues – facts your competitors don’t have
  • Provoking thought about current issues of concern to your audience
  • Allowing you to develop stories around topics of importance to your readers or viewers

Most important, the results of your SoonerPoll survey are exclusively yours – giving you an edge over competitors in your market.

Urban or Rural. City or Small-town.

Whether your media product is a small-town newspaper, regional radio station or a television station that reaches half the state, the ability to deliver relevant, original content is key to attracting and keeping readers or viewers. Engaging your audience in the important issues of the day is the way to keep media consumers turning to you when they want relevant information on the topics that have the greatest impact on their community.

Regardless of the size of the audience, there are competitors constantly pulling at its attention. We can help you develop the content that can effectively appeal to that audience, turn its attention your way, and establish your newspaper, radio outlet or television station as the leader in its market.

Why Oklahomans Trust SoonerPoll.

In 2006, SoonerPoll conducted more public opinion polls for the Oklahoma news media than all other pollsters COMBINED.

Our mission is simple: to provide the very best public opinion polling for the state of Oklahoma. We developed our own cutting-edge statistical method for conducting research – its effectiveness is proven again with every project we complete. We handle every facet of every project we conduct, unlike our competitors, who may outsource some of the most sensitive aspects of a poll to out-of-state call centers.

But perhaps the most important reason SoonerPoll is Oklahoma’s most trusted researcher is simply this: we’re the only researcher whose focus is exclusively Oklahomans. We know your audience, we know how to reach them, and we know how to deliver the results that will help establish you as a leader in your market.