Database Development Capabilities

The Power of SoonerPoll is that we’re more than just a pollster.

Our experience in database architecture allows us to meet even the most demanding polling and market research projects.  Using relational database technology, our programmers control all of our internal data collection processes, from our live interviewer call center, to our on-line surveying, and our kiosk intecerpt collection of survey data.

Bad data into a computer, equates to bad data out.

As simple as this lesson is, many pollsters and market researchers are unequipped to control of the data collection process thereby jeopardizing the entire results of the research that they perform.  At SoonerPoll, our client’s projects benefit from our data basing abilities to:

  • Organize and control the data sample process including RDD development, random sampling, and likely voter modeling as the project may or may not require;
  • Preserve and protect the project’s methodology through proper data collection processes such as documenting non-response callbacks, and attempting non-connect data improvements;
  • Provide real-time stratifications to the data collected;
  • And, maintain the integrity of data collected throughout the entire process.