Looking for success in the Oklahoma Market?

At SoonerPoll, Oklahoma is our sole focus. We provide a broad scope of services for businesses whose objective is success in the Oklahoma market. Our research can help your company develop objectives to address issues such as customer satisfaction, feasibility, employee retention and marketing strategies.

We are unique in the scope of our capabilities. No market researcher has a broader array of research tools to offer. Some of the studies SoonerPoll can provide include:

  • Telephone interviewing. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource our data collection. Our call center is located in our Oklahoma City office, and every interviewer is chosen, trained and supervised by us. We monitor every step of your research project to ensure our high standards of accuracy and professionalism are maintained throughout.
  • Focus groups. The unique, specific insights gained through a focus group offer SoonerPoll’s clients an effective tool for developing products, strategies, services or messages that address their audience’s distinctive needs.
  • On-site kiosks and intercept studies. The privacy and ease of touch-screen polling makes SoonerPoll’s on-site kiosks ideal for targeting specific sectors of the population.
  • Web surveys. Perhaps the most efficient way to survey employees or other groups for which your company has email addresses, web surveys are an ideal, cost-effective complement to our other services.
  • Mail surveys. Mail surveys can be an effective way to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, to gauge the attitudes of residents in a community where you do business or plan to expand, and for a variety of other applications.

SoonerPoll will help you determine which types of research services can most effectively help your company reach its objectives. Whether your company’s goal is to gauge the opinions of its consumers, of the community where it plans to expand or of the employees that make up its workforce, we can develop a research strategy that best suits your needs.

Why do Oklahoma companies trust SoonerPoll?

Our mission is simple: to provide the very best opinion research for the state of Oklahoma. We developed our own cutting-edge, statistical method for conducting research – its effectiveness is proven again with every project we complete. We handle every facet of every project we conduct, unlike our competitors who may outsource some of the most sensitive aspects of a project to outside vendors.

Perhaps the most important reason SoonerPoll is Oklahoma’s most trusted researcher is simply this: we are the only researcher whose focus is exclusively Oklahomans. We know your audience, we know how to reach them, and we know how to deliver the results that will make your project a success.

SoonerPoll is a member of the Market Research Association and abides by the Code of Marketing Research Standards, including the Recommended Best Business Practices for Opinion and Marketing Research.  SoonerPoll’s CEO, Bill Shapard, is also certified as a professional researcher at the expert level by the Market Research Association.