Call Center Capabilities

SoonerPoll’s on-site call center means we manage every aspect of your survey.

At SoonerPoll, we do not outsource any portion of the market research process. While other pollsters contract out their phoning to out-of-state call centers, every SoonerPoll survey is carried out from our own call center in Oklahoma City. We handpick, train and supervise each of our interviewers, and we continually evaluate their performances to ensure the greatest possible accuracy throughout every survey we conduct.

We know Oklahoma.

For your Oklahoma survey, do you want callers who have never been inside the state? Our interviewers and our supervisors know how to talk to Oklahomans because we are Oklahomans. Considering the myriad factors that can affect the accuracy of an interview, our local advantage gives us an edge that other polling companies simply cannot claim.

Every element of an interview can affect the results of a survey – from the caller’s accent and tone of voice to how he or she reads the questions. Interviewer bias is one of the most sensitive aspects of the data collection process, and care must be taken to minimize its influence.

At SoonerPoll, we understand how to mitigate the effects of interviewer bias. The callers we select to conduct our telephone interviews are thoroughly trained in how to deliver information and ask questions in such a way as will ensure the greatest possible accuracy from respondents. And to see that they get it right, we’re right there when our interviews are being conducted, making sure our standards are upheld from beginning to end.

A pollster who uses an outside call center simply gives up that control and leaves the quality of the poll up to chance.

SoonerPoll conducts extensive training with each interviewer prior to each survey. If your organization depends upon getting straight information about the attitudes, opinions and perspectives of people in Oklahoma, don’t choose a polling company that will outsource the calling to Maine or even North Dakota. SoonerPoll knows how to reach the Oklahoma voter, the Oklahoma consumer and the Oklahoma citizen.

Don’t just take our word for it!

At the Tulsa World, we have set standards very high in conducting the Oklahoma Poll and SoonerPoll continues to meet those standards.

— Susan Ellerbach, Tulsa World