How can your association benefit from our research?

SoonerPoll has developed targeted, effective research methods to gauge the opinions of those who can affect the ability of an association to meet its objectives. Our research can help your association understand the attitudes of community leaders, legislators and the public at large. You’ll have a better awareness of how those attitudes can affect your objectives and how you can utilize them to further the aims of your association.

Your association has a mission. Its objective is to calculate awareness and build support among the people who could make that mission a reality. Research from SoonerPoll can determine:

  • The extent to which the public understands and supports your position
  • The way to express your message that has the most appeal to decision makers
  • What else you could do to build support for your issue

If your association is seeking to promote an important policy issue, research from SoonerPoll can help you determine how to craft your message to maximum effect.

The solid understanding of how an issue is perceived by the public can help you develop a persuasive strategy to communicate your message to the news media, elected officials, targeted groups within the general public and the public at large.

Why Oklahoma associations choose SoonerPoll.

Our mission is simple: to provide the very best public opinion polling for the state of Oklahoma. We developed our own cutting-edge statistical method for conducting research – its effectiveness is proven again with every project we complete. We handle every facet of every project we conduct, unlike our competitors, who may outsource some of the most sensitive aspects of a project – leaving much of that project’s accuracy up to chance.

Perhaps the most important reason SoonerPoll is Oklahoma’s most trusted researcher is simply this: we’re the only researcher whose focus is exclusively Oklahomans. We know your audience, we know how to reach them, and we know how to deliver the results that will help establish you as a leader in your market.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Their experienced staff and hands-on approach were instrumental in helping us achieve our objectives with this project, and we couldn’t have found a better partner than SoonerPoll.

Roger Beverage, Oklahoma Bankers Association