March 13, 2009
Bill Shapard

What Recession And Financial Crisis?

Oklahomans rate the State�s economy better than the national economy and Oklahoma banks better than national banks according to a recent poll

OKLAHOMA CITY � A new survey released today finds that an astounding 83% of likely voting Oklahomans feel the Oklahoma economy is better than the national economy with 29% rating it as much better and 54% rating it as slightly better.

More than 80% of Oklahomans also believe that, given the current financial conditions of national banks, Oklahoma banks are in better financial condition with a little more than one in three respondents rating Oklahoma banks as much better than national banks.

Featured Video, Oklahoma�s public opinion pollster, conducted the telephone poll of 339 statewide likely voters February 27 � March 4, and was commissioned by the Oklahoma Bankers Association. The margin of error for the survey was 5.3%.
When asked about how safe they believe their money is in Oklahoma financial institutions, 49% of respondents believe that their money is very safe with another 47% saying somewhat safe, and less than 2% feel their money is not safe.

The number of respondents in the state applying for credit with an Oklahoma financial institution to purchase a car or truck in the last 90 days was 4.1% and created a relatively small sample size for determining the level of difficulty in getting the loan. However, 79% of respondents reported no difficulty in getting the loan (compared to 14.3% reporting difficulty) and, with a larger margin of error of 26%, the scientific results indicate that the well-publicized national credit crisis is not impacting Oklahoma.

Further analysis also shows that lower income respondents, under $25k per year, were about 20 points less likely to say the Oklahoma economy was better than respondent making over $100k. However, there were no real differences in the respondents� views of the safety of Oklahoma banks when considering the respondent�s income.

Bill Shapard
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Bill Shapard

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