October 13, 2010
Wesley Burt

Several State Questions have support while many remain uninformed on others

The most recent SoonerPoll asked about eight of the 11 state questions on the Nov. 2 general election ballot, most of which are in good standing with the public.

State Question 751, a measure that would make English the official language of Oklahoma, received the most support with 84.9 percent of those polled in favor.

SQ 746, a measure that would require Oklahomans to show a valid state or government issued photo ID when voting, also received a large amount of support with 76.1 percent of respondents in favor.

Though support for SQ 746 is high, some still argue that requiring an ID check would suppress voting, especially among lower income and minority voters who generally associate with the Democratic Party.� Further analysis reveals that while the measure is supported by 81.3 percent of Independents and 79.1 percent of Republicans, slightly fewer, 72.8 percent, Democrats support SQ 746.

SQ 747, which would allow voters to set term limits on secondary statewide offices such as Lt. Governor, State Auditor, Attorney General, and State Treasurer, has also received a wide spread support from 69 percent of respondents.

The demographic breakdown of support for SQ 747 reveals that the measure is supported by 75.5 percent of Republicans, 68.8 percent of Independents and 63 percent of Democrats.

Oklahomans also support SQ 757, which increases the amount of surplus money the state puts in the Rainy Day Fund from 10 percent to 15 percent, with 53.1 percent of respondents in favor.

Complete Results and Analysis

As the number of undecided voters increases, races become harder to predict, as is the case with both SQ 750 and SQ 755.

Though SQ 750, which makes it easier to get an initiative petition on the ballot by reducing the number of signatures required, has more opposition than support in the most recent poll, 20.5 percent remain undecided, making it a close race.

Similarly SQ 755, which would forbid state courts from considering international law or Sharia Law when deciding cases, has more support than opposition, but with 30.4 percent still undecided it also becomes a close race.

SoonerPoll also polled SQ 744 and SQ 754 and found that many oppose SQ 744 while SQ 754 has a large undecided population which makes it a close race., Oklahoma�s Public Opinion Pollster, commissioned and conducted the scientific study using live interviewers by telephone of 352 likely voters from Oct. 3 � Oct. 7, 2010. The study has a margin of error of � 5.2 percent.

Wesley Burt
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