October 13, 2010
Wesley Burt

Poll finds Republicans poised to sweep Oklahoma�s November election

In a poll conducted less than a month before Election Day, SoonerPoll asked respondents about nine statewide races and found Republicans leading in all nine.

The current margins by which Republican candidates lead their Democratic counterparts range from a within the margin of error to just under 40 points.

The largest lead is held by Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, who polled 62 percent, 39.2 points better than his closest opponent, Democrat Jim Rogers who received just 22 percent.

The poll finds Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin leading Lt. Governor Jari Askins by the largest margin since SoonerPoll began polling the Governor race in January.� Fallin leads Askins with 53.7 percent, a 15.3 point lead over Askins� 38.4 percent.

In the Lt. Governor race, Republican candidate Todd Lamb leads Democratic candidate Kenneth Corn by double digits.� The poll found 40.3 percent favor Lamb, 27.8 percent prefer Corn and 27.3 percent remain undecided.

Republican candidate Scott Pruitt leads Democratic candidate Jim Priest by a 19.3 point margin in the Attorney General race.� Results show that 49.7 percent of respondents favor Pruitt compared to just 30.4 percent who favor Priest, 19.9 percent remain undecided.

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In both the Insurance Commissioner and State Auditor race Republicans lead Democratic incumbents.� Republican candidate John Doak leads incumbent Kim Holland by a 6.2 point margin in the Insurance Commissioner race, while Republican Gary Jones leads incumbent Steve Burrage by a 6.5 point margin in the Auditor race.

It should be noted that 24 percent remain undecided in both the Insurance Commissioner and Auditor race; in addition, both of their leads are within the margin of error. �Coupled with a lead within the margin of error, a high undecided population can cloud long-term prediction about any race.

Two other races, State treasurer and Commissioner of Labor, find Republicans leading Democrats by a margin outside of the margin of error, though the undecided population remains high.

In the State Treasurer race Republican candidate Ken Miller leads Democrat Stephen Covert by 13.4 points.� Miller received support from 44.9 percent of respondents, Covert from 31.5 percent while 23.6 percent remain undecided.

In the Commissioner of Labor race Republican Mark Costello leads Democrat Lloyd Fields by 11.9 points.� The poll found 44.6 percent prefer Costello, 32.7 percent prefer Fields and 22.7 percent remain undecided.

The State Superintendent race has proved to be the closest race where Republican candidate Janet Baressi leads Democrat Susan Paddack by just 3.7 points, well within the margin of error.� In that race Baressi received 35.2 percent, Paddack received 31.5 percent and 26.1 percent remain undecided., Oklahoma�s Public Opinion Pollster, commissioned and conducted the scientific study using live interviewers by telephone of 352 likely voters from Oct. 3 � Oct. 7, 2010. The study has a margin of error of � 5.2 percent.

Wesley Burt
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