January 18, 2017
Bill Shapard

Oklahomans support denying federal funds to sanctuary cities

Oklahoma voters oppose sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing current immigration laws, according to the latest SoonerPoll Quarterly Poll, and want to deny them federal funding for doing so.

Among likely voters in Oklahoma, 56.7 percent support the federal government denying federal monies to cities that refuse to cooperate. Another 9 percent were undecided, 35.3 percents opposed the denial of federal funding.

[box] [QUESTION] A sanctuary city is a city in the United States that has adopted a policy of protecting immigrants who have come to this country illegally and are now living, by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws. The term applies generally to cities that do not use municipal funds or resources to enforce federal immigration laws, and usually forbid police or municipal employees from inquiring about a person's immigration status. Knowing this, do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the federal government in providing funding to cities to enforce federal immigration laws and conversely denying federal monies to sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws?

1. Strongly support41.72. Somewhat support14.03. Neutral/no opinion/Refused [DNR]9.04. Somewhat oppose10.75. Strongly oppose24.6


Support among Republicans was 59.6 percent and was somewhat expected, but even 55.4 percent of Democrats supported the denial of federal funds to sanctuary cities.

Self-identified conservatives also were the largest supporters, but a majority (52.9 percent) of self-identified moderates also supported it as well. Self-identified liberals, however, were split with 44.8 percent supporters and 41.2 percent opposing the denial of federal funds. Liberals were also more likely to be neutral or have no opinion at 14 percent.

There were no significant differences observed when the poll results were analyzed by race, income, age, religious services attendance, or congressional district.

It has been reported that there are 200 sanctuary cities and counties in the United States today. While there are no sanctuary cities in Oklahoma currently, Texas is attempting to outlaw them. In California, more and more cities are adopting resolutions to become one.

About the Poll, Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster, asked these questions of Oklahoma likely voters as part of the SoonerPoll Quarterly Poll.

The scientific study was conducted from December 19-21, 2016 with 440 likely Oklahoma voters selected at random statewide from a tri-frame of both landline telephone and cell phones, plus a online panel from Research Now. The sample was weighted by age, political party, and congressional district in order to reflect the Oklahoma likely voter population for a general election. The weighting was conducted using a 'layered technique.'

The sample reflects the traditional demographical profile of the Oklahoma likely voter with roughly half of respondents identifying as conservative and attending religious services once or more per week. The study has a Margin of Error (MoE) of ± 4.60 percent.

This poll not only conforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls but exceeds the standard disclosure with a Call Disposition and Rate Calculation Report. A complete description of the methodology can be found here.

The poll's Call Disposition and Rate Calculation Report can be viewed here. A beta version of the Weighting Table Report can be viewed here.

Bill Shapard
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Bill Shapard

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