May 24, 2022
Andrew Speno

Inflation is the Most Important Issue Facing Oklahoma Republicans

Economic issues are top of mind among Republican voters as we near the June Primary Elections. When asked to name the most important issue facing Oklahomans today, a majority of Republicans name inflation, along with the economy and jobs, as the most significant.


SoonerPoll surveyed 302 likely Republican primary voters across the state. Among seven policy issues presented to respondents, 33.8% of them cite inflation as the most significant challenge facing Oklahomans while 27.9% cite the economy and jobs. Education came in a distant third place.

[QUESTION] What do you believe is the most important issue facing Oklahomans today?

1. Inflation: 33.8%
2. Economy/Jobs: 27.9
3. Education: 19.0
4. High Taxes: 7.3
5. Election Integrity 5.5
6. Other Issues/Undecided: 6.4

 In the Oklahoma City metro area, inflation was by far the most important issue among Republicans by 21 points over "economy/jobs," but Tulsa metro area Republicans picked "economy/jobs" as the most important by 13 points over inflation. Inflation led in the more rural parts of the state over "economy/jobs" by 12 points.

Inflation also grew it's led over "economy/jobs" as the level of conservativism increased among participants, with "economy/jobs" with a slight led over inflation among moderate Republicans by 3 points to a near even split among the somewhat conservatives to a 16-point lead for inflation over "economy/jobs" among the very conservative.

Likewise, Republicans with at least a college education or higher were more likely to say "economy/jobs" and those with some college or less were more likely to say inflation was the most important issue to them.

Despite the pressing issues facing voters, an overwhelming majority of Oklahoma Republicans are optimistic about the future. 71.3% believe the state is headed in the right direction, 21/% say the state is headed in the wrong direction, while 7.3% are unsure.

About the Poll, Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster, conducted the poll of Oklahoma likely REPUBLICAN VOTERS for a primary election.  The poll was commissioned by News9 in Oklahoma City and Newson6 in Tulsa.

The scientific study was conducted April 25-May 11, 2022 with 306 likely Republican voters selected at random statewide from a tri-frame of cell phones and landline telephones, and SoonerPoll's proprietary Oklahoma Voter Panel. Cell phone and landline participants were collected by live interviewer and panelist participants were collected through texts and emails. The sample was weighted by age and congressional district in order to reflect the Oklahoma likely Republican voter population. The weighting was conducted using a 'layered technique.'  The study has a Margin of Error (MoE) of ±5.6 percent.

A complete description of the methodology can be found here.

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